Friday, February 26, 2010

VINTAGE FASHION FAUX PAS #1- The "Art to Wear" sweater

(Since I have difficulties being serious all the time, here's a little feature I'll be doing from time to time on this here blog- purely for entertainment purposes and giggles, of course.)
While going through some old pics on the computer of some Ebay items I sold last year, I stumbled upon this gem and was inspired...the dizzying mix of reds and fuschias, the velvet appliques and beads, the unflattering shapelessness, the Flintstone-esque patches of brightly colored fur on the shoulders, just the excessiveness of it 80's and..sooo bad!
If you grew up in the 80's , then surely you're familiar with this disastrous article of clothing, the "art to wear" sweater. There was a very fine line between the beautifully constructed, gallery-worthy creations and the gawdy, art festival/country crafter pieces. Plus, there always seemed to be that one relative in everyone's family who thought she was a little bit "kooky" or "artistic" and was anything but and she usually took it upon herself to dress the role and always with matching accessories. These seemed to come out of the closet around the holidays because well, duh, it's a sweater and it's cold out but also because they just scream "festive" and "fun". And by the way, wasn't this relative that wore these crafty monstrosities always either divorced or married to a heavy drinker? Yes, studies have shown that the menfolk don't find these types of sweaters sexy or alluring and that too many appliques and other weird bits sewn onto clothing can cause panic and substance abuse.
Yes, I'll admit, I've received a few of these types of sweaters as gifts as a child, hence my gag reflex goes into high alert every time I see one. My absolute unfavorite was a mohair knit with an elephant on it- the neck hole was made way too small and I remember hyperventilating in hot, moist mohair darkness as my mother tried to cram my head through...good times!
Well, after many years in fashion rehab, I must say I can finally wear one of these in the comfort of my own home without any adverse effects at all. I did find this one a home, most likely my styling with matching leggings and lipstick is what really sold it for someone.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

EBAY AUCTIONS- Vintage Men's Cashmere Sweaters

Hands down, these are a cold weather favorite of mine. Not that I'm spoiled or anything, but why on earth wear anything less than cashmere? So warm and so,so yummy soft! These are the perfect "boyfriend" sweater; not just for the boyfriend to wear, but for the girlfriend to borrow too! Of course, buying cashmere anything at retail prices these days costs an arm and a leg so why not consider a vintage or previously owned piece for alot less?

Friday, February 19, 2010


Welcome to Vegas Laveau Vintage! Stay tuned for upcoming Ebay auctions and store items, the stories behind the finds, style ideas, tips on restoration and repair of vintage items as well as a glimpse into my own private collection.