Saturday, May 22, 2010


Please keep your dainty diamond studs and fragile 14k gold chains and give me costume jewelry instead... gaudy goldtone things, chunky chains, flashy brass, exotic figural pieces, poor man's silver that will never tarnish. Underneath it all, it's just...metal. But costume jewelry gets to be big and bold, dramatic, sophisticated and unusual, fun, wild, weird, whatever. That $2000 tennis bracelet usually doesn't get a second look but that crazy gold choker with the parade of elephants with "ruby" eyes and dangling chains and charms, well...that's a different story.

Here's a few pieces to have fun with this summer that will inspire many wonderful ensembles (and stories of your own!)... Enjoy!

Vintage 1970's owl necklace- a charming little guy with his big, glowing eyes and dangling white glass charm "feathers". He'll look fab set against that mid-summer tan.
Vintage 1970's Original by Robert pin/pendant necklace- this piece is insane... the pendant is the size of a piece of toast (I hope you like rhinestones with your toast- less calories that way). Definately some runway fabulousness going on here...

Vintage 1960's silvertone shell charm necklace- these are beach ready with denim cut-offs and a plain white tank top. Charms are a perennial fave and these are so realistic looking that you can almost hear the ocean if you hold it up to your ear.

Vintage 1970's goldtone amulets- a great piece to play around with and layer with others of course. Weighty with nice detail, plus protection from evil perhaps?

Vintage 1980's brass and wire "web" necklace- I absolutely looooove these bold statement necklaces from the 80's. A beautiful example of intricate metal crafting and the mix of three different colors is especially eyecatching- a must-have for those of you that love unusual pieces.

Vintage 1980's Thierry Mugler silvertone star pin- still fresh and modern after all these years. A basic black jacket is the perfect backdrop for this one.

Vintage Castlecliff goldtone snake pin- snakes: exotic, pretty and dangerous (but so much nicer in jewelry form!) Weave this through a silk ribbon for a dramatic headband or pin it on to a jewel tone purse or clutch for some added shine.

Vintage 1980's Givenchy goldtone earrings- just what the 80's were all about: big, gold and flashy...LOVE IT!

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