Thursday, March 18, 2010

HIGH ON HEELS...Vintage Charles Jourdan

Let it be known, I am a shoe addict that is beyond intervention. My drug of choice is the high heel. Yes, I've lied about buying them. Yes, I own too many of them. Yes, I hoard and hide them in order to make it seem like I don't have a problem. Yes, I sell heels in order to buy more heels. And I could care less about any sort of shoe rehab or twelve step program so there will be more space underneath my bed for other things.
It all started with Charles Jourdan (who I have always felt was under rated and deserves more recognition). There's definately a soft spot in my heart for vintage Jourdans as I learned to walk in heels in a pair of red leather peeptoes that belonged to my mother. Up and down that apartment hallway, wobbly at first and running my hand against the wall to steady myself until I got it right. The 5" heel was a challenge, especially for a beginner, but damn...did they look good!
In the years B.C. ("before Choo"), Charles really delivered in the late 70's/early 80's as far as beautifully designed heels that flattered the female foot. And there were always the details... the gorgeous quality leathers and suedes, a flirty peeptoe done just right, that deliciously perfect heel.
So here's a little peek into the archives. These are circa 1980's, off-white patent leather with clear vinyl inserts and very "futuristic-sexy" black and aluminum cone heels and of course, a peeptoe. Just as fresh and modern as ever...

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