Sunday, March 28, 2010

CASADEI vs. VICKY TIEL: 80's does 40's Battle

While digging out several new items to put up for sale this past week, I came across these two vintage gems that fall into one of my favorite genres of vintage, the 80's does 40's. I love the fact that while the 40's-inspired design and silhouette is so similar in both of these dresses, they are in fact so radically different.
First off, the raspberry colored number is by Casadei. At first glance, this can almost pass itself off as the real WWII era deal. But then there are the little details that are so indicitive of 80's obsession with all things glam/sexy/excessive. The sheer, nude insert at the bust embellished with beading and sequins, the semi-sheer fabric in vivid raspberry (just not the same as that dusty mauve from the 40's), the very bare back. Wow, very sexy and sophisticated.
Next, is a vintage Vicky Tiel. Maybe a black and white photo of this dress paired with period correct hair/make-up/accessories could possibly pull off a retro 40's feel, but in person- no way! The gathering at the waist, the form-fitting wiggle factor and the the simple neckline are really the only 40's inspiration to be found. It's all about the print, though- abstract, energetic, happy graffiti in basic black on white with little accents of bright, bold color make this dress look very "now".
It just goes to show that vintage has a little bit of something for everyone...


  1. And they try to convince us that fashion does not repeat itself! Lovely dresses.... wonder what that raspberry dress feels like on... it looks very soft textured.

  2. What goes around, comes around- just in different colors & fabrics! The Casadei dress feels like a rayon or synthetic, kind of a heavier chiffon type material.