Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vintage 1970's Pauline Trigere Floral Chiffon Gown

Vintage 1970's Pauline Trigere Floral Chiffon Gown...At first glance, the silhouette is stately, elegant and conservative, then someone turns on the light in the hallway and you're met with an explosion of color, shimmering gold thread accents and a wild, quasi-psychadelic flower print (actually floral chiffon layered over scarlet material for a stunningly bold effect). While this type of dress usually falls into that "collectible" (examine and analyze me but don't wear me) category- you know, packed away in the archives or showcased in a book or exhibit, I think it's time it got out and mingled, had a few drinks and was the last one to leave the party. This gown would like to spend a night out on the town with a fantastically, gigantic cocktail ring, a gold clutch and Jimmy Choo.

Coming to my Ebay store soon!

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