Thursday, April 1, 2010

VINTAGE FASHION FAUX PAS #2- Acid wash / stonewash denim anything

Truth be told, only about 99.9999998475% of people that wear clothing can actually rock this and make it look cool and fashion forward. And those of you who can have been blessed by a higher power. This short-lived 80's trend reeks of mallrats and Bon Jovi, moussed perms and frosted eyeshadow. It keeps coming back in all sorts of reinvented forms but I don't know who the denim industry is fooling- it's still just... so wrong. If you must indulge in acid wash/stonewash denim anything, let's keep it confined to 80's parties or maybe like, heavy metal karaoke night, o.k.?
Follow this link if you want to learn more about acid wash/stonewash denim:

Retroland | Acid wash / stonewash / distressed denim

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